We designed and developed the MP Studio application from the ground up, giving you unmatched creative control over the full lines of Cinema Robots and accessories. Available for Mac OS and Windows.

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Founded in Portland, Oregon, by professional photographers and filmmakers, Motorized Precision knows the value of intuitive and accessible technology. We designed our products to be just that, making cinema robotics easier to use for cinematographers and directors, helping them plan, capture and achieve incredible results. Our staff includes the following experts.


Who visualize and execute compelling cinematic stories.


Who bring 3D expertise and design aesthetics to our software.


Who ensure that our software is fast, flawless and intuitive.

Robotics Experts

Who excel in VR, AR, robotics and future technologies.



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[email protected]

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Yes, all of our robots can travel to locations in a Box Truck. Vigo and Mia can travel in a Van. Kira and Colossus require a truck with a 3,000 LBS Lift gate or on site Forklift.

Mia and Vigo both run on 110 V Wall Power. Colossus and Kira run on 3 phase 208/240v power with our step-up transformer. You can also invest in a Single Phase to Three Phase power converter for your home or studio.

Mia can hold 24 LBS,  Kira can hold 36 LBS and Colossus can hold 50 LBS Vigo 22 LBS

Yes, when either renting or purchasing a robot it will come equipped with a Heden FIZ System. Which works in conjunction with MP Studio!

While we support control of the Red, Arri, and Phantom line of cameras, you can also put any camera that can hold a cinema lens with mounting points for a Dovetail and rods. DSLR with rolling shutter don’t do too well on fast moving robots.

We can program a simple pull back or simple two few keyframe moves in around 10-30 seconds. For more complex moves with many keyframes and targets and custom focus spots it can take up to 5-10 mins per move.

Yes, Vigo has often served as a bartender at parties!

Yes with IO triggering you can add external devices like our turntable, lights, motors etc to trigger alongside the move.

Most of our robots can roll right off the truck and be set up in 20 mins or less. For Track setups we recommend around 15 mins per meter of track for leveling and set up.

MP Studio can run on MAC or PC.

Once you buy a MP Robot we offer 3 ways of training.

Come to our Portland, Oregon HQ and train in your robot before it ships.

Remote training online.

On-site training after delivery where we help setup and train your crew on site. ( Covid restrictions are followed and travel fees will be changed for this option)